Berry Coco Smoothie Coco Baies

Antioxidants, amino acids, polysaccharides, triterpenes, potassium, magnesium, phytohormones, B vitamins, iodine, selenium, vitamin K, folates, vitamin C, anthocyanins, flavonols, ellagic acid, resveratrol and more.

Fiber, good fats, boost the immune system, restores the balance of hormones, adaptogen, electrolytes …

Ok, simply put, this smoothie is not only good for health, it tastes super good! Try it!

Recipe here …

  • 150-160ml coconut water
  • 1 banana
  • 125g frozen blueberries and raspberries
  • 1/4 frozen avocado
  • 15ml and more almond butter
  • 15ml ground flax
  • 3ml reishi powder
  • 3ml maca powder

  1. Put all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth and unctuous.
  2. Serve immediately in a glass.

In health,


Antioxidants, acides aminés, polysaccarides, triterpènes, potassium, magnésium, phytohormones, vitamines B, iode, sélénium, vitamine K, folates, vitamine C, anthocyanes, flavonols, acide ellagique, resvératrol et plus encore.

Fibres, bons gras, boost le système immunitaire, restitue la balance des hormones, Adaptogène, électrolytes…

Ok, plus simplement, ce smoothie est non seulement bon pour la santé, il est super bon au goût! Essaye le!

Par ici la recette…

  • 150-160ml eau de coco
  • 1 banane
  • 125g de bleuets (myrtilles) et framboises surgelés
  • 1/4 avocat surgelé
  • 15ml et + de beurre d’amande
  • 15ml de lin moulu
  • 3ml reishi poudre
  • 3ml poudre maca

  1. Mettre tous les ingrédients dans un blender et mixer jusqu’à ce soit lisse et onctueux.
  2. Servir immédiatement dans un verre.



Breakfast Oatmeal Smoothie déjeuner au gruau (avoine)

Fatigue, anemia, menstrual pain, menopause, stress, libido …

This smoothie contains a Peruvian root with multiple virtues; Maca.

Maca is rich in calcium and potassium, iron, iodine, copper, manganese and zinc as well as fatty acids: alpha-linolenic acid, palmitic acid and oleic acid, and 19 amino acids. Added to this are selenium and magnesium, and polysaccharides.

It is often used to increase fertility and sexual stamina, to reduce the symptoms of menopause, to stimulate the immune system, to tone the body and to relieve stress.

Here are all the reasons to add a little in my smoothie this morning!

I used …

400ml homemade almond milk

30ml cooked oatmeal (oatmeal)

1 banana

5ml of cinnamon

5ml of maca powder

I blended all the ingredients and that’s all!

In health,


Fatigue, anémie, douleurs menstruelles, ménopause, stress, libido…

Ce smoothie contient une racine péruvienne aux multiples vertus ; La maca.

La maca est riche en calcium et en potassium, fer, iode, cuivre, manganèse et zinc ainsi que des acide gras : Acide alpha-linolénique, acide palmitique et acide oléique, et 19 acides aminés. A cela s’ajoute du sélénium et du magnésium, et des polysaccharides.

Elle est souvent utilisée pour accroître la fertilité et la vigueur sexuelle, pour réduire les symptômes de la ménopause, pour stimuler le système immunitaire, pour tonifier l’organisme et pour soulager le stress.

Voilà toutes les raisons pour en ajouter un peu dans mon smoothie ce matin!

J’ai utilisé…

400ml de lait d’amande maison

30ml d’avoine cuite (gruau)

1 banane

5ml de poudre de maca

5ml de cannelle

J’ai passé tous les ingrédients au blender. C’est tout!



Juice pulp Crackers / Craquelins à la pulpe de jus de légumes

En français plus bas…

You are fond of vegetable juice and do not know what to do with the pulp? This is a recipe that will allow you not to throw it away. Take advantage of this pulp!

Zero waste. No waste! I like to limit my food waste.

But you have to have ideas to reuse these remains. Here is one!

Mix the pulp with

5ml of powdered onions

5ml garlic powder

5ml of salt

45ml ground flaxseed

45ml of sesame seeds

45ml of sunflower seeds and pumpkins

Spread the mixed mixture in a thin layer on a silpat or parchment paper previously put on a baking sheet. Bake for 60 min or + at 150 degrees. Turn off the oven and leave another hour before cutting into pieces.

In health,


Vous êtes amateur de jus de légumes et ne savez pas quoi faire avec la pulpe? Voilà une recette qui vous permettra de ne pas la jeter et de mettre à profit cette pulpe.

Zéro déchets. Pas de déchets! J’aime bien limiter mes déchets de nourriture.

Mais il faut avoir des idées pour réutiliser ces restes. En voici une!

Mélangez la pulpe avec

5ml d’oignons en poudre

5ml d’ail en poudre

5ml de sel

45ml de graines de lin moulues

45ml de graines de sésames

45ml de graines de tournesols et de potirons

Étendre la préparation mélangée en une fine couche sur un silpat ou un papier parchemin préalablement mis sur une plaque allant au four. Enfournez pour 60 min ou + à 150 degrés. Éteindre le four et laissez encore une heure avant de découper en morceaux.



Lebanese leftover Bowl

I love using leftovers to make lunch. It creates beautiful, colourful and tasteful Bowls.

At our house, we love making Lebanese mezze from scratch. I try to make a little more so I can use leftovers to build Buddha bowls the following days. We usually make hummus, tabouleh, baba ghanouj, shanklish, foul m’damme, labneh or tzaziki, lamb and/or chicken brochette.

Here, in this leftover bowl, I had some tabouleh, hummous and foul.

I first put some fresh spinach and then added the three leftovers. Then added homemade broccoli sprouts, an avocado, slices of black radish and drizzled cold press olive oil. Accompanied by my flax and sesame seeds crackers.

Here are the recipes for those three leftovers I had.

To make tabouleh, you need

250ml dry quinoa

1 large bunch parsley chopped (remove long stems)

80ml mint leaves chopped

250ml of grape or cherry tomatoes cut in half (optional)

¼ of a yellow or white onion finely diced

1 garlic clove minced

15ml olive oil

juice of one lemon

salt and pepper to taste

Make quinoa according to package instructions

While quinoa is cooking prepare rest of the ingredients in a bowl

When quinoa is finished cooking combine all ingredients together and stir

To make hummous, you need

450g cooked Chickpeas

2 cloves garlic, minced

7ml salt

75ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

65ml water or better, aquafaba

85 ml tahini, stirred well

65 ml extra-virgin olive oil, plus extra for serving

Powdered sumac, optional

Place the chickpeas, garlic, and kosher salt in the bowl of a food processor. Process for 15 to 20 seconds. Stop, scrape down the sides of the bowl, and process for another 15 to 20 seconds. Add the lemon juice and water. Process for 20 seconds. Add the tahini. Process for 20 seconds, then scrape down the sides of the bowl. With the processor running, drizzle in the olive oil.

To serve, transfer the hummus to a bowl and drizzle with additional olive oil and sprinkle with sumac, to taste, if desired.

To make foul m’damme, you need

1 can of cooked beans/legumes (I like white beans)

1 onion

2 tomatoes

5ml salt

15ml of cumin powder

1/2 lemon

30ml of tahini (sesame purée)

30ml olive oil

Dice onion and tomatoes. Add salt, cumin, lemon juice, tahini over cooked and rinsed beans with tomatoes and onion. Mix all ingredients.

Serve in a bowl and drizzle extra olive oil.

Bon appétit!

Do you enjoy Lebanese food? Which ones?

In health,


Paleo GF Bread

This is the best gluten free bread!

You can use it just as you would other breads; toasted, sandwiches, sweet or savoury toppings.

It keeps well on the counter for about a week. You can freeze it for a month. Then, slice it before for a more convenient use!

To make this great bread, you will need

200g almond meal

85g tapioca starch/arrowroot flour

30 ml flax meal

15ml chia seeds

5ml baking soda

Pinch of salt

3 eggs or egg replacement

60ml coconut milk

60ml coconut oil

15ml pure maple syrup

5ml apple cider vinegar

Preheat oven to 180º C and line a loaf tin with parchment paper or grease it with coconut oil.

Combine the dry ingredients together in one bowl and whisk the wet ingredients together in another bowl.

Combine both wet and dry ingredients together and pour into loaf tin.

Place the loaf tin in the oven for 30 to 40 mins or until golden brown on top and cooked through. (Test with a skewer).


In health,


This recipe as adapted from Rachel Morrow.