Community, Friends and Family / Communauté, amis et famille

Being part of a group, a community.

Socializing. Being with friends regularly.

Fraternizing and being with your family.

They are crucial elements for living a healthy and fulfilling life.

Sense of belonging, support, active engagement, motivation, encouragement are necessary to fulfill our personal goals.

Our relationships and social interactions thus influence the achievement of our goals and, indirectly, the state of our health.

The influence of the other, of the group is important on our behavior. As much as good or bad. It is therefore imperative to “surround oneself” with people who promote a healthy lifestyle and enable us to reach our full potential.

To be engaged. To be in good health. To live longer.

Longevity = the importance of having a socially active lifestyle.


  • Join groups, meetings or clubs
  • Volunteer
  • Participate in activities, events in your community
  • Go outside and engage in conversation
  • Invite friends and family

Are you socially active?

Faire partie d’un groupe, d’une communauté.

Socialiser. Fréquenter ses amis régulièrement.

Fraterniser et être avec sa famille.

Se sont des éléments cruciaux pour vivre une vie saine et épanouissante.

Sentiment d’appartenance, support, engagement actif, motivation, encouragement sont nécessaires à l’accomplissement de nos buts personnels. Nos relations et interactions sociales influencent ainsi la réalisation de nos objectifs et, indirectement, l’état de notre santé.

L’influence de l’autre, du groupe est importante sur notre comportement. Autant en bien qu’en mal. Il est donc impératif de “s’entourer” de gens qui favorisent un style de vie sains et qui nous permettent de réaliser notre plein potentiel.

Être engagé. Être en bonne santé. Vivre plus longtemps.

Longévité = l’importance d’avoir un mode de vie socialement actif.

Comment ?

  • Rejoignez des groupes, des rencontres ou des clubs
  • Devenez bénévole
  • Participez aux activités, événements de votre communauté
  • Sortez dehors et engagez la conversation
  • Invitez des amis chez vous

Es-tu socialement actif?


Every time possible, ideally every day, I take time to meditate. 15 to 20 minutes.

For me, it’s before I start my day or before the kids come back from shool.

Early morning helps me set up a great mood and focus for the day.

In the afternoon, it helps go through the rest of the day and be more mindful with my kids.

I meditate with a mantra. I had gone to the Maarichi’s school of meditation and got a personal mantra. But I also use other mantra according to what I want to work on. And sometimes, I just follow and concentrate on my breath trying to be mindful.

Either way, it’s very good for my health and wellbeing.

Do you meditate?