Decluttering and Giving

In this holiday season, we especially think of families in need. Unfortunately, there are still many.

We live in abundance and it is good for the soul to distribute around us.

It is in this spirit that today we have decluttered kids stuff and donated them.

The children participated in sorting out their clothes, their toys, their books.

We took advantage of the fact that friends and family visited us to suggest things they might need or want.

All that remains (what you see in the photo). we will give to a child welfare center. They redistribute to poor families.

What a feeling of well-being, of satisfaction not only to declutter but to donate. And with that donation knowing that we contribute just a little bit to their needs and happiness.

In addition, we enjoyed good times with friends and family over several cups of tea! This was a day about sharing and giving. It gave me a lot of happiness.

And you? How do you give back to the community, to others?

This for sure should not be a thing we do only during holidays, but year round. We do our best!

In health,


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