Berry Coco Smoothie Coco Baies

Antioxidants, amino acids, polysaccharides, triterpenes, potassium, magnesium, phytohormones, B vitamins, iodine, selenium, vitamin K, folates, vitamin C, anthocyanins, flavonols, ellagic acid, resveratrol and more.

Fiber, good fats, boost the immune system, restores the balance of hormones, adaptogen, electrolytes …

Ok, simply put, this smoothie is not only good for health, it tastes super good! Try it!

Recipe here …

  • 150-160ml coconut water
  • 1 banana
  • 125g frozen blueberries and raspberries
  • 1/4 frozen avocado
  • 15ml and more almond butter
  • 15ml ground flax
  • 3ml reishi powder
  • 3ml maca powder

  1. Put all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth and unctuous.
  2. Serve immediately in a glass.

In health,


Antioxidants, acides aminés, polysaccarides, triterpènes, potassium, magnésium, phytohormones, vitamines B, iode, sélénium, vitamine K, folates, vitamine C, anthocyanes, flavonols, acide ellagique, resvératrol et plus encore.

Fibres, bons gras, boost le système immunitaire, restitue la balance des hormones, Adaptogène, électrolytes…

Ok, plus simplement, ce smoothie est non seulement bon pour la santé, il est super bon au goût! Essaye le!

Par ici la recette…

  • 150-160ml eau de coco
  • 1 banane
  • 125g de bleuets (myrtilles) et framboises surgelés
  • 1/4 avocat surgelé
  • 15ml et + de beurre d’amande
  • 15ml de lin moulu
  • 3ml reishi poudre
  • 3ml poudre maca

  1. Mettre tous les ingrédients dans un blender et mixer jusqu’à ce soit lisse et onctueux.
  2. Servir immédiatement dans un verre.



Raspberry Bliss Balls

Raspberries are Nature’s candy, don’t you think? Even if they are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, I want to eat each berry one by one just because they are that good.

They grow just about anywhere and I am pleased to find them in the park near our house. I should grow them myself since I love them that much… but haven’t had the courage to do so yet.

Each little bumps of these berries are screaming LOVE 💕 ROMANCE. Probably because of its colour RED. Red is associated with fire, passion, heart, love…

I should of called these bliss balls, “The Love Balls”. Tacky right?

So, you want to make pink red tasteful raspberry bliss balls?

Here it is :

100g cup frozen raspberries

10 medjool dates, seeds removed

175g raw cashews

5ml vanilla extract

pinch of salt

To assemble :

Place the ingredients into your food processor and pulse at high speed until the mixture is broken down, well combined and sticking together. Use your hands to shape the mixture into balls. Yes, it will be cold for your hands!

Either leave the balls as they are or roll in coconut or cacao or drizzle with melted dark chocolate. Place in the freezer to set.

Eat and enjoy!

In health and love,