Walk into Health

This simple habit can trigger anti-aging process. Just 20 minutes or 10 000 steps a day is a great way to maintain a “healthy lifestyle”.

Every time you can walk instead of using your car, do it for yourself and for the environment!

Every time you can use the stairs instead of the escalators or the elevators, go for it!

With or without snow.

With a purpose or not. Walk!

Mostly because we have sedentary lifestyles working indoors and sitting all day, walking is a smart choice for a healthy lifestyle. That is why you should choose to go to work walking. Go to your grocery store and drop your kids to school, all by foot. If you really can’t because of distances, within your office, take the stairs, on your break, go outside, walk, and get some “vitamin” sun. Every opportunity of walking should be invested in!

We chose to live downtown so we are able to do everything by foot. Groceries, school, kids activities, restaurants. We walk to every destination we have. Even with the kids. They are now used to it and walk a great pace and reasonable distances without difficulties.

Walking has additional benefit to your mood. Walking triggers your endorphins. The more steps I take during a day, the better my mood tends to be! Try it and tell me if you felt it too!

For beginners, walk at a comfortable pace and work gradually on increasing your pace and distance. To help you count your daily steps and kilometres, there are even a few apps you can upload on your phone.

Surely, it should be added to you daily exercise routine. Personally, I don’t even consider walking an exercise.

It’s a way of life, a healthy life!

In health,


Hydrating body butter

Hydrating Body Butter / Beurre corps hydratant

Soft and smooth skin for a young and vibrant look

Elasticity of the skin is very important if you want to look young.

My regular go to recipe for an hydrating cream is this body butter.

Here is the list of the ingredients I use :

  • Shea butter (raw, unrefined and organic)
  • Cocoa butter (raw, unrefined and organic)
  • Coconut oil (cold press, extra virgin and organic)
  • Sweet almond oil (cold press and organic)
  • Jojoba oil (organic)
  • wheat germ oil (cold press extra virgin and organic)
  • Olive  oil or Argan oil (cold press extra virgin and organic)
  • Essential oils (organic) *

* neroli, lavender, santal, patchouli or any of your choice, but make sure it’s not photosynthetic (an oil that reacts to sun )

  1. Melt the butters first over medium heat in a bain-marie (hot water bath)
  2. Remove from heat and add the vegetable and essential oils.
  3. Transfer to an opaque container.
  4. Let it cool in the refrigerator.
  5. When hard and cold, it is ready to use and keep in your cabinet.

Try it and let me know what you think. Do you make your own? Tell me about it!

In health,



Une peau douce et lisse pour un look jeune et éclatant

L’élasticité de la peau est très importante si vous voulez avoir l’air jeune.

Ma recette habituelle pour une crème hydratante est ce beurre corporel.

Voici la liste des ingrédients que j’utilise:

  • Beurre de karité (brut, non raffiné et biologique)
  • Beurre de cacao (brut, non raffiné et biologique)
  • Huile de coco (pressée à froid, extra vierge et bio)
  • Huile d’amande douce (pressée à froid et bio)
  • Huile de jojoba (biologique)
  • huile de germe de blé (pressée à froid extra vierge et biologique)
  • Huile d’olive ou huile d’argan (pressée à froid extra vierge et bio)
  • Huiles essentielles (biologiques) *

* néroli, lavande, santal, patchouli ou n’importe lequel de votre choix, mais assurez-vous qu’il n’est pas photosensibles (une huile qui réagit au soleil)

  1. Faire fondre les beurres d’abord à feu moyen au bain-marie (bain d’eau chaude)
  2. Retirer du feu et ajouter les huiles végétales et essentielles.
  3. Transférer dans un récipient opaque.
  4. Laissez refroidir au réfrigérateur.
  5. Lorsqu’il est dur et froid, il est prêt à l’emploi et à conserver dans votre armoire.

Essayez-le et faites-moi savoir ce que vous en pensez. Faites-vous le vôtre? Parle-moi de ça!



Menstrual Cup / Coupe menstruelle

What? You’re still using tampons and pads?

Not only they are bad for you but for the environment.

A menstrual cup is the best. Wish I have known sooner in my cycling life.

You can swim, jogg, dance, sleep naked, jump and do a head stand without worrying about a leak nor a stain.

It’s confortable as if you didn’t have menstruations. Sometimes I can forget about it 😉 (almost!)

In health,


Quoi? Tu utilises toujours des tampons et des serviettes?

Non seulement ils sont mauvais pour toi mais pour l’environnement aussi.

Une coupe menstruelle est la meilleure solution. J’aimerais avoir connu plus tôt dans ma vie de cycle féminin.

Tu peux nager, faire du jogging, danser, dormir nu, sauter et te tenir debout la tête en bas sans te soucier d’une fuite ou d’une tache.

C’est confortable comme si tu n’avais pas de menstruations. Parfois je peux l’oublier;) (presque!)