Veggie Mash patties

Have you ever done anything with the vegetables you used for your broth?

I love knowing I’m not wasting anything! In that sens, I made these patties with broth leftover vegetables. They can also be used as a burger patty. They are quite tasteful because of added spices. Just mold into balls and then pat in the pan. Fry them for a falafel look alike.

This is what I did…

250 to 275g of broth leftover veggies

20 to 30g of coconut flour

30g of bread crumbs (gluten free or not!)

15ml of Italian spice mix

5ml of salt

1 egg

Start by purée the vegetables. Squeeze them as much as you can to get all the water/broth out. Otherwise, you will need more flour to absorb all moister.

Mix all ingredients.

Add oil to a frying pan on med high heat. When oil is ready, spoon the veggie mash into small patties and add them to the pan.

Let fry for a few minutes before turning them gently.

Serve with salad or whatever green vegetables you have on hand or serve them on a bun for a smooth veggie burger.

Bon appétit!

In health,