Gingerbread Smoothie

Banana, oatmeal, coconut milk, gingerbread spice mix, water.

For me, Holiday season goes hand in hand with gingerbread spices. It makes me think of gingerbread houses that I use to make with mom or the neighbours. I was always impatient to break the cookies and eat them! I don’t anymore but I love healthy alternatives that brings back great and comforting memories.

One of the alternative that I appreciate is this super simple gingerbread Smoothie.

In your blender, pour

200ml of full fat coconut milk

200ml of water

1 banana

30-40g of already made oatmeal (optional)

10ml (or more if you like!) of gingerbread spice mix *

And blend until smooth. Enjoy!

In health,


Gingerbread spice mix

*to make gingerbread spice mix you need

30ml of ground ginger,

30ml of ground cinnamon

10ml of ground cloves,

10ml of ground nutmeg

Mix and store in airtight container.

Sunshine Breakfast Bowl

Coconut yoghurt, mandarin, mango, hulled hemp seeds, cashews.

Yes, again with my homemade coconut yoghurt… can’t get enough! Gives me great satiety feeling. Over here to learn how to make it yourself.

Top the yoghurt with this citrus fruit mandarin 🍊 and you’ll get a great deal of vitamin C. Well needed with winter coming.

Mangoes are sooooo good, I love them. They are packed with antioxidants.

Sprinkle with hemp seeds and cashews. And their, you have a great “sunshine” bowl.

Buy local produce and organic when possible.

How To make Coconut Yoghurt

So you want to make Coconut Yoghurt yourself!

Well it is quite easy. You just need the right ingredients 😉

What are those? Organic full fat coconut milk (or any milk of your choice for that matter) and the best probiotic you can find.

Here in Belgium, Liege, the best is vivomixx which has 450 billion live bacteria per sachet.

If you want to know if your probiotic is good (either to pop like that or to mix with any kind of milk) you empty the sachet/capsule into the milk and let it sit for the night. Next morning, it should be bubbling a little bit and should have started to ferment. If not, it is no use to take them, they won’t be beneficial to your gut. It will be a waste of money.

Before mixing my ingredients, I start and plug in my yoghurt machine. So it reachs it’s temperature before I put in my milk.

So, my Yoghurt maker has 6 glasses of approximately 125ml. That is why I use 2 cans of 400ml of organic full fat coconut milk.

I empty them in a bowl and mix until their is no more lumps.

Then, I add 2 sachets of my vivomixx and mix again. No heating needed in this step.

When all well mixed, I fill each glasses equally. I close the lids and let it be for 8 hours.

When done, after 8 hours, I refrigerate them.

Let them cool for a few hours before eating.


Let me know what you think of this recipe and if you try other milk or other kind of probiotic… let me know about your own experiment in yoghurt making! Thanks.


Coconut Yoghurt

Using the best probiotic to make my own yoghurt, it’s the best!

Nothing but full fat organic coconut milk and 450 billions live bacteria.

No sugar added, no colorant, no emulsifier, no conservatives. Only the good stuff!

Because I eat it with fruits and nuts, I don’t flavour it nor sugar it.

Coconut Yoghurt in preparation

Coconut Yoghurt, after 8h in the Yoghurt maker…. final results! Smooth and tangy!

Click here if you want to see with fruits and nuts on top

You want to make this healthy yoghurt? Click here for the “how to” recipe.

You just want to taste it, not to make it? Click here to order it (available only in Liège city)

Mean Green Smoothie

Full fat coconut milk, cooked oat, pineapple, banana, flax seeds, green mix raw powder Smoothie.

The green raw powder is a mix of spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass and barley grass. This mix is super powerful and gives a great energy boost.

When I make an oatmeal breakfast for my kids, I make a big batch so I can use leftovers for my Smoothies. It gives it texture.

Flax seeds (or meal) are always part of my breakfast. Rich in omega-3 and fiber they help me to be regular!

Add all ingredients in the blender (or blend with a hand immersion mixer) and enjoy!

If you don’t want to make it, just ask me and order one here. (Only in Liege city)

*Buy local produce and organic when possible.

Purple Smoothie

Banana, mixed berries, kale, full fat coconut milk, pumpkin spices, flax meal.

This smoothie owes its deep purple coloration to a mix of frozen berries.

I am adding kale for protein and extra vitamins.

I not only use organic full fat coconut milk to get the benefits of lauric acid but mostly for its great taste 😍

Add all ingredients in the blender (or blend with a hand immersion mixer) and enjoy!

If you don’t want to make it, just ask me and order one here. (Only in Liege city)

*Buy local produce and organic when possible.