Raw Salted Caramel Cups

These Raw sweet and salty bites taste like heaven!

Even if one bite fills you up, your tastebuds wants more. Consider yourself warned!

I dare to take only one!

Here is how to make these three layers little devilish bites:

Bottom layer or “crust”

100g of oats

115g of pecans or walnuts

8 pitted Medjool dates

125ml of coconut oil

Middle layer or “caramel”

8 pitted Medjool dates

1ml of sea salt

125ml of coconut oil

45ml of tahini

5ml of vanilla extract

30ml of maple syrup

Top layer or “chocolate ganache”

65ml of coconut oil

65ml of pure maple syrup

65ml of raw cacao

For the crust: Pulse the oats and pecans in a food processor until broken down into small pieces. Add the dates and coconut oil and pulse until a soft dough forms. Refrigerate for about 15-20 minutes to help the mixture become easier to work with.

For the caramel layer: Place dates, coconut oil, tahini, vanilla and raw honey in the food processor. Process until smooth.

For chocolate topping: Mix together the melted coconut oil, raw cacao and sweetener until smooth.

To assemble: When the crust mixture is firm enough, press into mini muffin tins or molds, leaving a well in the center of each. Add a tablespoon or two of caramel into each cup and top with chocolate. Sprinkle with “fleur de sel” or sea salt. Refrigerate or freeze until hardened.

Go easy on eating them! And tell me what you think about this recipe.

In health,


Magnesium Bath Salt

Magnesium is good for many things including muscle pain, anxiety, skin irritation, wounds…

It’s best absorbed by skin as opposed to internally.

This explains my use of it in my bath.

At least once a week, I soak in this Magnesium rich bath salt. Don’t worry I wash myself more often than that 😉 I shower and dry brush… but I will talk about that in a another post!

I make my bath salt with

  • Magnesium flakes (also called nigari)
  • Sea salt of Guerande
  • And add essential oils (lavender is my favorite but I change according to season and the little soars my family can have. For example, if someone have a cold, I use eucalyptus)

I Mix all the ingredients and transfert to a glass jar.

I Throw a scoop in the bath under running water and relax 😌

Do you like soaking yourself in your bath? Do you add anything in it? Tell me!