Merry Christmas et Joyeux Noël

Wishing you to be healthy and happy! / Je vous souhaites d’être en santé et heureux!

Enjoy your family and friends and don’t over do it! / Profitez de votre famille et de vos amis, n’en abusez pas!

See you next year! / A l’année prochaine!

Chantal xxx

Holiday season preparations

Yes it’s this time of year again… starting to countdown!

It doesn’t have to be about buying stuff, being stressed, feeling overwhelmed and not enjoying the moment. It can be joyful, fun and satisfying. It depends on how to look at it and how to deal with it.

For me, I will try to be mindful throughout the holidays and make sure that I have fun.

I really like this time of year. Mostly because we gather around food to BE together. Food is a great unifying tool.

Family’s coming to us this year and I intend to make this a positive unforgettable memory.

But first, I will enjoy the atmosphere it brings. The smells. The lights. The smiles. The laughters.

And while I am planning a simple fresh menu for you and I, I am enjoying a nice hot spicy Chai Tea. You should too!

The menu that I will prepare for you will be Simple and Fresh so you don’t spend too much time cooking (so you can enjoy other activities with friends and family) but still look great, be healthy and be comforting food.

I will do sort of a countdown with different menu ideas from appetizer, soup, entree, salad, desert. I will even throw little surprise ideas. I hope they will please you and help you plan your Christmas/Holidays.

Meanwhile, meditate. Do not stress about all you have to do. It is the idea of being together that matters. Don’t you think?

Let’s start with a Smoothie recipe! A Gingerbread Smoothie.

In health,


Sunshine Breakfast Bowl

Coconut yoghurt, mandarin, mango, hulled hemp seeds, cashews.

Yes, again with my homemade coconut yoghurt… can’t get enough! Gives me great satiety feeling. Over here to learn how to make it yourself.

Top the yoghurt with this citrus fruit mandarin 🍊 and you’ll get a great deal of vitamin C. Well needed with winter coming.

Mangoes are sooooo good, I love them. They are packed with antioxidants.

Sprinkle with hemp seeds and cashews. And their, you have a great “sunshine” bowl.

Buy local produce and organic when possible.

Mexican Style Bowl

Avocado, Sweet potatoes, fresh coriander, cumin and Himalayan sea salt.

The fresh coriander with cumin is a stunning combination!

Cook the sweet potatoes and when cooled… add them every where! They are that good 😉

This fresh and super simple Bowl is vitamin packed and very satisfying.