DIY Scrubbing Detergent / Crème à récurer

You clean your home with commercial scrubs? You’re putting toxins into your home environment instead of removing them.☠️

It’s simple to create a scrubbing detergent yourself and clean your bathroom or kitchen with it. You can even recreate the scents you love using essential oils. As added bonus, your home will smell much better while offering you therapeutic benefits at the same time. Plus, homemade nontoxic cleaners are money savers!

So let’s get going!

You need…

    250ml white clay
    30ml Black soft soap
    Essential oils, 10-15 drops

  1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl until you get a paste.
  1. Transfer in an airtight container.
  1. Use on tiles, faucets, bathroom sink, bathtub, cooking hob, etc.

In health,


Vous nettoyez votre maison avec des produits commerciaux? Vous ajoutez des toxines dans votre environnement au lieu de les enlever. ☠️

Il est simple de créer vous-même un détergent à récurer et de nettoyer votre salle de bain ou votre cuisine. Vous pouvez même recréer les parfums que vous aimez en utilisant des huiles essentielles. En prime, votre maison sentira bon tout en vous offrant des bienfaits thérapeutiques.

De plus, les nettoyants non toxiques faits maison sont économiques!

Alors allons-y! Tu as besoin de …

  • 250ml Argile blanche
  • 30ml Savon noir
  • Huiles essentielles, 10-15 gouttes

  1. Mélangez tous les ingrédients dans un bol jusqu’à obtenir une pâte.
  2. Transférer dans un contenant hermétique.
  3. Utiliser sur les tuiles céramiques, les robinets, les lavabos, les baignoires, les plaques de cuisson, etc.



Nut milk Bag / Sac pour lait végétal

Un peu plus bas pour la version française!

Why I haven’t thought of it before?

When I saw an advertisement selling a 100% cotton little bag for nut milk, I told myself, “wait, I don’t have a bag like that, I can make this myself and use it instead of a kitchen towel.”

It was so obvious that I rushed to my box of old unused clothing. I found one of my kids’ t-shirt and cut into it right away. I Sewed two straight line to close the bag on each side and Tada! I had a nut milk bag.

I rushed to soak almonds and this morning I made almond milk using my new little baggy! I’m so proud… I bet you can hear it!

Convenient. Useful. Reuse. Repurposing. Recycling. Fun. Simplicity. These are all words that to come to mind with this fulfilling idea!

I call it making good use of marketing and advertising influence 😜


Pourquoi je n’y ai pas pensé avant?

Quand j’ai vu une publicité vendant un petit sac 100% coton pour faire du lait végétal , je me suis dit “attends, je n’ai pas de sac comme ça moi, je peux le faire moi-même et l’utiliser plutôt qu’un torchon de cuisine.”

C’était tellement évident que je me suis précipité dans ma boîte de vieux vêtements inutilisés. J’ai trouvé un des t-shirts des enfants et je l’ai coupé tout de suite. J’ai cousu deux lignes droites pour fermer le sac de chaque côté et Tada! J’ai un sac de lait végétal!

Je me suis dépêché à faire tremper des amandes et ce matin, j’ai fait du lait d’amande en utilisant mon nouveau petit sachet! Je suis si fier … Je parie que tu peux l’entendre!

Pratique. Utile. Réutiliser. Recycler. Fun. Simple. Ce sont tous les mots qui me viennent à l’esprit avec cette idée épanouissante!

J’appelle ça faire bon usage du marketing et de l’influence publicitaire 😜


Christmas Recap (menu and stuff)

If you missed my posts, here is a recap of my suggestions for your holiday menu

Ideas for…

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and I’ll be back in January!

Take care

In health,


Homemade Christmas Decorations Ideas

Create decorations with what you have in the kitchen or in your backyard.

Here are the ones I made this year…

Scented decoration : oranges with cloves. Looks vibrant and smells fantastic. Cut zest of the orange and make a pattern. Pin in cloves. Display as you like. The smaller the room, the more the smell is present.

Decorated candles : decorate with cinnamon sticks and tread. Make or buy a candle, display cinnamon sticks around it and make hold with a tread/rope. If you have ribbons, you can use them instead of the rope.

Center piece : water stems (rosemary, pine, holly). Pick stems from my backyard and add them to water and fresh cranberries. It makes a clean and trendy decoration!

Atmosphere Lighting : mason jar tealight covered fabric. Use an old bed sheet cut out the size I need to cover the jar. I use a rope to finish it and to make the fabric hold. I glue pieces of tree bark pre cut in christmassy shapes. The second one is covered with an old see through shiny fabric I found in my scrap box.

Wish cards holder : rope and small clothespins. I made braided rope with a coton rope that was left from last year. Made it stick on the wall with gum and added small Christmas clothespins bought many year ago.

Have fun!

In health,


Unwind while doing something practical

You know when everyone has the same wine glass and, at some point, you don’t know which is yours anymore ? Well, this is a fun and very easy DIY project that solves that kind of mixup. Plus it is the kind of project that enables you to relax and be mindful.

Cutting cardboard and styling your handwriting allows you to focus thoughts on what you do and suddenly, you become mindful and you can relax!

Ready to unwind?

To make wine glasses name tags you will need cardboard. The colour is your choice. Here, I chose black so I can use them again in a different contexts. If you want to make them more christmassy, you can choose red or green cardboard. Whatever you prefer.

Then, take a wine or champagne glass, put it on the cardboard and circle its base with a pencil. Do that step as much has you have guests. Draw a second circle in the middle approximately the size of your glasses stand. I used a small coin to contour, so it can be a perfect circle.

Choose either your guests names or words that you find appropriate. I chose words (in French because my family speaks french) that are also wishes; like Health, Joy, Happiness, Love, Peace and Hope.

Choose either marker or crayon of a bright colour, that contrasts with the colour of your cardboard. It will be easier to read. Write the names / words down in the circles you’ve drawn, limiting them inside. Leave a blank space. Use your best handwriting.

Then, cut along the circle lines as best as you can. Take your time and constantly turn the cardboard so you cut evenly.

Cut a straight line towards the center of each circle. Cut the inner circle using the technique mentioned above.

They are ready to use! Aren’t you relaxed yet?