Iberico Salad / Salade Ibérique

Nothing better than a light protein salad filled with crunchy vegetables. And not just any protein! During my visit to Spain in the region of Extremadura and northern Andalusia, I could not resist the famous jamón ibérico de Bellota or Iberian acorn ham. It hangs from the ceilings everywhere in butcher shops but also in […]

2021 Christmas Series : Roasted Beetroot and Rutabaga Purslane Salad, Maple and Lime Vinaigrette / Série Noël 2021 : Salade de pourpier aux betteraves et rutabaga rôties, vinaigrette érable et lime

A festive salad for a buffet, a starter or an accompaniment. This winter salad with a sweet-salty and slightly spicy taste, with a soft and crunchy texture, adds freshness to the table. It requires a few steps that can be prepared in advance for last minute assembly. But, it tolerates dressing and waiting on a […]

2020 Christmas Series: Festive Quinoa Power Salad, Sumac Vinaigrette / Série Noël 2020 : Salade festive au quinoa, vinaigrette au sumac

Starting Holiday Season preparations, choosing a menu is essential. I personally like to have a salad, a soup, a main course with sides. Obviously to these essentials are added a cocktail or an aperitif with or without alcohol, appetizers and a dessert. This year, I will first present my essentials and if time permits, the […]

Fishy Salad Bowl de salade au poisson

Here’s a simple Bowl made with leftover salmon sticks and homemade tartar sauce. When there are small portions left over from the night before, the next day, I like to make Buddha Bowls or salads. And you? What do you like to do with your leftovers? Fish sticks and sauce The salmon sticks are breaded […]

Herbal Rice Salad / Salade de riz aux herbes

If you’re like me, in summer when it’s hot, I’m looking for ideas of dishes not too complicated, refreshing, without much cooking. If they can be easily brought to friends or stored in a cooler, these recipes earn points! Inspired by Yotam Ottolenghi’s Grilled Chicken Salad and 3 Rice recipe, this version is simplified to […]

Six Bean Salad / Salade Six légumineuses

Did you know that legumes are one of the foods most associated with longevity? Yes, researcher and author Dan Buettner (The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who Have Lived the Longest) says that companies that regularly consume beans and legumes every day live longer. Health Benefits Black bean to chickpeas, cannellini […]

Cruciferous Salad / Salade de Crucifères

The Cruciferae family includes several varieties of vegetables that are low in calories but rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In addition, these vegetables distinguish themselves from other types because they contain many health-promoting compounds such as glucosinolates which it’s compound contains sulfur and are proven to possess anticancer properties. The family of cruciferous vegetables […]

Salade grecque

Liège (Belgium) suffers an overwhelming heat wave. Not easy to live in the city center! Fortunately, the city offers some places of nature where there are trees, shade and where it is a little cooler than between concrete! Long live the vegetable gardens! Today, we will go to eat and spend the afternoon with friends […]

Salade de fruits

Sometimes a simple and versatile recipe is practical! Varieties of fruit salad are endless and match the seasons and countries. Some consider the fruit salad a dessert, but for me it can be served as a breakfast, a snack or a side component. What I prefer is to create it so as to have different […]

Carrot Salad(e) de carottes

Plus bas en français… This salad is a mix between french and moroccan style. Weird but working perfectly together. To make this salad, You will need… 2-3 carrots, grated All the Dressing For the Dressing: 30ml Dijon mustard 15 to 30ml Water 30ml Apple cider vinegar 5ml Maple syrup 1ml Salt 1ml Cumin Pinch of […]

Fennel Tomato and Orange Roasted Cod (or Tofu) / Cabillaud (ou tofu) grillé au fenouil, tomates et orange

Fennel, a super nice vegetable that I don’t cook enough, I find! Excellent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant, this vegetable is very nutritious thanks to fiber, vit. C, iron, manganese, calcium, potassium… that it contains. It is excellent raw in salads, cooked (soup, stew) and grilled. Its subtle licorice taste is less pronounced than its seeds. […]

2022 Christmas Series starting with a Cranberry-Hibiscus Mocktail / Série de Noël débutant avec un mocktail canneberge-hibiscus

December has just arrived and already it makes us think of Christmas and all its preparations. Decorations, gifts, receiving guests, menus, dishes, family activities, parties planned with colleagues, friends… it’s a busy time, busy with its share of fun but also its share of stress. I will, like every year, help you with your menu. […]

Pekmez, a Turkish delicacy to use on and with anything / Pekmez, une délicatesse turque à utiliser sur et avec n’importe quoi

Turkey is famous for its pekmez, a fruit juice that is reduced for finished product that looks like molasses. It is widely available in Middle Eastern food stores. In Turkish cuisine, this typical fruit syrup/molasses is consumed as a spread and as a sugar substitute. There are different kind of pekmez including grapes, mulberries, pomegranates, […]

Mix & Match Buddha Bowl

After an evening of American-style food with chicken wings, coleslaw and potato salad … here is a Buddha Bowl with the leftovers. Hence the Mix and Match. Finger Food During party nights where there is an American football game, such as the Super Bowl, certain foods are preferred. Especially those that you eat with your […]

Simple Fall Buddha Bowl d’automne

Fall is the prime season for squash. I had put Butternut plants in my vegetable garden. I am very grateful that each plant has produced several squash. I can now taste the fruits of my labor. I use it everywhere! Creamy pasta sauce, roasted in salad, as a dip or spread and, of course, in […]

Avo and Feta Buddha Bowl avocat et Feta

Today for lunch, I assembled my favorite ingredients … Arugula, Feta cheese, avocado and a mix of grilled vegetables. These are also foods that go very well together! Zero waste in the kitchen I regularly grill vegetables and I always make lots to have leftovers to reuse! It’s super practical and above all, delicious! Especially […]

North Sea Shrimp Croquettes de crevettes grises

Typical dish from the Belgian coast, shrimp croquettes are on the menu of all restaurants. It is a recipe prepared with shrimps and a bechamel sauce and the whole thing is breaded and then fried. Gray shrimp The gray shrimps used come from the North Sea. Often from Zeebrugge. This species of shrimp is found […]

2019 Christmas Series : Vanilla-Chocolate Yule Log with caramelized tangerines / Série Noël 2019: Bûche vanille-chocolat, tangerines caramélisées

To close this Holiday menu, here is a classic yule log recipe with a vanilla sponge cake, dark chocolate ganache and decorated with caramelized tangerine zest. Caramelized zest The zest of clementines or tangerines add punch to this classic, heightening its taste to make it a little more “adult”, more “sophisticated”. If you have made […]

2019 Christmas Series : Stuffed Patidou Squash with Freekeh, Wild Mushrooms and Cranberries / Série Noël 2019: Patidou farcie au freekeh, champignons des bois et canneberges

Main dish or side dish? For vegetarian, vegan or carnivore? This recipe is suitable in all cases. You can even just use the stuffing to stuff the traditional turkey or whatever you would like. This stuffing is made with freekeh. As mentioned in the article on Cruciferous Salad with citrus vinaigrette, freekeh is an ancient […]

Kale Love / Amour du Chou Kale (frisé)

Do you like “Kale” cabbage? You know that cabbage whose edges of leaves are curly. Its virtues are multiple. Very good for health, it is the most nutrient dense food. It is loaded with antioxidants and is an excellent source of vitamins C and K. Love or hate I think there are two categories of […]

Briam Greek Ratatouille Grecque

If you follow my blog, you know that I really like grilled vegetables. So here I present you today a variation that is like a Ratatouille or a Tian. That is to say a dish of baked vegetables. The vegetables are finely sliced and mainly include potato, zucchini, red onion and tomatoes. If you want, […]

Asparagus scraps Flan aux déchets d’asperges

It’s asparagus season! Green or white, asparagus is a versatile, delicious and healthy vegetable. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They are filled with folic acid, potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin A and vitamin C. Do you like asparagus? How do you eat them? Personally, I eat them in different ways: al dente with a […]

Fermented Sunchokes / Topinambours fermentés

Why not benefit from the fermentation process with Jerusalem artichokes/Sunchokes? It changes from cabbage, doesn’t it? You can add it to your salad, your buddha bowl, on a toast, or just like that. It’s very good for your microbiome. It is an excellent probiotic, like anything that is fermented. Do like me and add fermented […]

Indian Summer Bowl de l’été indien

It seems to me that summer is not ending … sun, heat and off season vegetables. I take this opportunity to continue to fill up on vitamin D and eat certain vegetables. On a bed of arugula, I added zucchini cut into “noodles”, slices of cucumber, diced tomatoes and slices of avocado. They are garnished […]

Mizuna Maxi Bowl

Red leaf salad, mizuna, avocado, sweet potatoes, green beans, barley, sunflower seeds, pumpkinseed, sesame seeds, parsley, curcuma, cumin, Himalayan salt. Having cooked mixed with raw brings texture and different level of tastes. For this Bowl, I lay a nest of red leaf and mizuna salad. Mizuna is a special winter lettuce/salad that comes from the […]

Homemade Protein Powder / Poudre de protéine

This is a plant based (vegan) protein powder that can be used in anything from salad, baked goods, sweets to smoothies. You don’t have time to make a meal, with around 2 grams of protein per tablespoon (15ml), it can be a great dietary supplement. Very convenient. Easy to make. You only need… 30ml of […]

Avocado Sauce

This sauce goes on almost everything! Very versatile, creamy and zesty. All you need is 1 avocado 125ml of water 30ml of olive oil Juice of 1 lemon or lime 1 garlic 5ml of dijon mustard 5ml of onion powder 5ml of salt Pepper to taste — Blend and mix all ingredients until smooth and […]

Wild garlic Pesto à l’Ail des ours

Wild garlic is a plant that has a subtle taste of garlic. We eat the leaf, the bulb and the flower. Rich in vitamin C, the fresh leaves can be used as a spice, chopped like chives or parsley. We can make pesto as I did here or put in the soup, in a sauce, […]

Roasted veggies Bowl aux légumes grillés

En français plus bas… If you’re a roasted veggie fan, this one is for you! The combination of beets, sweet potatoes and their roasted flavour is stunning. A rainbow 🌈 of nutrients 🤩 This is a perfect complete meal salad. It is packed with greens, proteins and fiber. To make this salad bowl you need… […]

Veggie Mash patties

Have you ever done anything with the vegetables you used for your broth? I love knowing I’m not wasting anything! In that sens, I made these patties with broth leftover vegetables. They can also be used as a burger patty. They are quite tasteful because of added spices. Just mold into balls and then pat […]

Christmas Recap (menu and stuff)

If you missed my posts, here is a recap of my suggestions for your holiday menu Appetizer : Bruschetta Eggplant Drinking : Christmas Bourbon Milk Starter : Christmas-y Spinach Salad Second starter : Beet Soup Main course : Hasselback Squash Dessert : Gingerbread Bliss Balls And for the next morning : Gingerbread Smoothie Ideas for… […]

Holiday season preparations

Yes it’s this time of year again… starting to countdown! It doesn’t have to be about buying stuff, being stressed, feeling overwhelmed and not enjoying the moment. It can be joyful, fun and satisfying. It depends on how to look at it and how to deal with it. For me, I will try to be […]

Christmas-y Spinach Bowl

Spinach, feta cheese, pomegranate and apple. Olive oil and fleur de sel are drizzled on top. Yes, Christmas is coming and this simple yet beautiful salad is great. Bring it to a party or just for you to enjoy. This one is made just for me… I got to try my recipes before putting them […]

Italian Bowl

Red leaf salad, tomato confit, avocado, brocoli, grated carrots, chickpeas, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds. This bowl is made with an Italian twist… I oven cooked some tomatoes with olive oil until they become what we call in french “confit”. The soft, mushy and sweet taste of tomatoes! The broccoli I used are the Italian variety. They […]

Mizuna Mini Bowl

Barley, avocado, mizuna, chickpeas. This bowl is very simple yet satisfying! I cook my grains and beans from scratch… in batches so I have them in hand for my recipes. Mizuna is a special winter lettuce/salad that is from the cabbage family. Very rich in calcium, vitamin A and C.

Lebanese Style Bowl

Everything is made from scratch… except the salad!! 😉 Red leaf salad Brocoli sprouts Taboulé (quinoa, mint, parsley, tomatoes, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil) Hummous (chickpeas, aquafaba, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, cumin, cayenne pepper) Chicklish (goat cheese, oregano, cayenne pepper, olive oil) Tzaziki (full fat yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, lemon juice) White beans (white […]