Butternut & Chestnut Soup seasoned with fennel and cumin / Potage Butternut & marrons assaisonné aux fenouil et cumin

In fall and Halloween season, I love thick and creamy soups. But, this year, I don’t want the traditional pumpkin soup. It seems to me that we can explore other typical seasonal ingredients and create a different soup. So I started researching to find different, less traditional association ideas. Fall Ingredients The fall ingredients I’m […]

Ajo Blanco / Ajoblanco / Gazpacho Blanco

During my stay in Spain and Portugal, I was able to taste different culinary specialties. I enjoyed several that I now want to reproduce and adapt. The ajoblanco is an example. It is a typical cold soup from Andalusia, a beautiful region of Spain. It is sometimes called White Gazpacho. Unlike the red Gazpacho, this […]

Wild garlic Pesto à l’Ail des ours

Wild garlic is a plant that has a subtle taste of garlic. We eat the leaf, the bulb and the flower. Rich in vitamin C, the fresh leaves can be used as a spice, chopped like chives or parsley. We can make pesto as I did here or put in the soup, in a sauce, […]