Butternut & Chestnut Soup seasoned with fennel and cumin / Potage Butternut & marrons assaisonné aux fenouil et cumin

In fall and Halloween season, I love thick and creamy soups. But, this year, I don’t want the traditional pumpkin soup. It seems to me that we can explore other typical seasonal ingredients and create a different soup. So I started researching to find different, less traditional association ideas. Fall Ingredients The fall ingredients I’m […]

Fennel Tomato and Orange Roasted Cod (or Tofu) / Cabillaud (ou tofu) grillé au fenouil, tomates et orange

Fennel, a super nice vegetable that I don’t cook enough, I find! Excellent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant, this vegetable is very nutritious thanks to fiber, vit. C, iron, manganese, calcium, potassium… that it contains. It is excellent raw in salads, cooked (soup, stew) and grilled. Its subtle licorice taste is less pronounced than its seeds. […]

Ajo Blanco / Ajoblanco / Gazpacho Blanco

During my stay in Spain and Portugal, I was able to taste different culinary specialties. I enjoyed several that I now want to reproduce and adapt. The ajoblanco is an example. It is a typical cold soup from Andalusia, a beautiful region of Spain. It is sometimes called White Gazpacho. Unlike the red Gazpacho, this […]

Wild garlic Pesto à l’Ail des ours

Wild garlic is a plant that has a subtle taste of garlic. We eat the leaf, the bulb and the flower. Rich in vitamin C, the fresh leaves can be used as a spice, chopped like chives or parsley. We can make pesto as I did here or put in the soup, in a sauce, […]